Learning From Comics (and Bart Beaty). On the Institutionalization of Comics. An Interview with Bart Beaty, by Jan Baetens

Bart Beaty & Jan Baetens

Bart Beaty’s recent book, Comics versus Art (Toronto UP, 2012) is a highly original contribution to comics studies in the broad sense of the word. One of the major voices in comics scholarship, and author of various key publications in the field (among which Fredric Wertham and Critique of Mass Culture, 2005, and Unpopular Culture: Transforming the European Comic Book in the 1990s, 2007), he discusses here the emerging encounters between two worlds that have longtime be seen as utterly antagonistic: comics and art. In this interview with Jan Baetens, specialist of theory and history of comics, Bart Beaty comes back on what may be at the heart of his book, namely institutionalization, a complex process that involves also an intermedial and intertextual approach of the field.

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